Distant healing

Distant healing

Distant healing is for people who cannot or do not wish to have face-to-face therapies.
All the elements that make up the Universe are interconnected and interact with each other at the subatomic level. This fact makes it possible for us to have the power to influence positive thinking and intention for the benefit of other beings, even at a distance.
You can indirectly treat another person you know and help that person feel better.

What is distant healing?

Distant healing is a millenary therapy and has been practiced in many cultures of Wisdom. It helps you to use energy in non-physical dimensions. You learn to send the healing energy far with the “Healing at a distance”, that is the transmission of light energy from one subject to another that can also be distant.
You also learn a special method to manage a problem that is spiritual and therefore of great inner depth, including mental, or of material nature.

Mental and spiritual healing allows you to get in touch with the subconscious, or with the higher self, stimulating healing in the one who receives it. We can also send Reiki to ourselves to heal past wounds, pave the way for the future to get what we want and tackle the problems of the present.
This technique is used to deal with disorders such as insomnia, addictions, depression or nervousness and you can apply it to yourself, perhaps to transform your behavioral patterns that you consider harmful into positive ones.

It acts on the development of intuitive powers and enables you to open yourself more easily to the deeper meaning of the messages that appear in your mind.
Currently one of the best known therapies in this field is Reiki.
Technological advances in communications allow us to be in contact with family and friends who may live thousands of miles away from us. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where our friends or family are sick.
They may be recovering in a hospital or going through a difficult period in their life. We may not be able to be physically present to provide the support we would like to provide. But we can help them through distant healing.

What does science say about this?

With the rapid advance of science and specifically of quantum physics, distant healing is perfectly explicable. It is enough for us to state the concept of quantum field to better understand this topic.
Healing at a distance means using and channelling the Divine Energy, of nature, of the universe to heal, recover and contribute to the balance of a person.
This type of healing is not new, however, it is an art that has recently been scientifically proven.

There is a huge amount of information about how we are connected and how we each have a similar magnetic field. Through this magnetic field as a bridge, we can send energetic messages in a vibrational way and at a distance.
Research shows that a magnetic field can influence and make changes in another similar living being even when they are separated by a certain distance.
Distant healing is very similar to healing in person. It acts on the aura and chakras and also removes energy blocks or imbalances at different levels.
Reiki at a distance is a great way for those who cannot attend a Reiki session physically.
Reiki at a distance is the same as healing by laying on of hands with Reiki in face-to-face sessions.

What can distant healing do?

Distant healing can:

  • Help in accelerating the healing process.
  • Provide clarity in decision making.
  • Provide reassurance if you are going through stressful situations.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Help in body detoxification. In the elimination of toxic energies.
  • Increase the feeling of general well-being.
  • Increase vital, body and emotional energy.
  • Reiki helps eliminate both muscular and mental tensions, headaches, chronic ailments, anxiety, blockages, negative and self-destructive feelings, insomnia, addictions.
  • Ease the pain.
  • Can use as preventive care.
  • Provide spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical support.
  • It allows you to discover the power that each one has to feel full in every way.

What can we do in distant healing according to traditional teachings?

You can send energy from here to there, from you to another person in another place.
Insert any learned technique into this treatment, for example, Taikyoku Kata (complete treatment), SeiHeki Chiryo Ho (treatment of bad habits), Heso Chiryo Ho, Tanden Chiryo Ho, etc. Treating ourselves logically also applies to us the possibility of using any technique.

What should we not do and why, in remote treatment according to traditional teachings?

You cannot send energy into the past or into the future. As being a mere illusion, heal your present and you will heal past and future, everything exists in the here and now. The third symbol serves precisely to open our mind and give us awareness of the illusion of time. When we recall the symbol we align ourselves with this reality, therefore we open the mind to infinite possibilities related to this illusion, consequently with an open mind we will not be an obstacle to energy (which always follows thought or awareness). In this way if necessary it will be energy in its infinite intelligence no longer limited by our ignorance to go where it is really needed without the intervention of its manipulative intentions.

Dealing with situations is also a technique introduced in the West. All the situations that we propose in our life are our karma, consequently the most conscious way to modify karma is to modify ourselves. In this way, for example, by working on fear with the second symbol we can gain the peace of mind needed to take an exam and any other life challenges. Without sending energy to the situation that no matter how successful it would be would only be a palliative, like taking aspirin for a headache.
Reiki is first of all a spiritual discipline so it would be wiser to use it as such and not just as an energetic healing technique.


Thus, distant healing is very useful: in emergency situations, it can usually be offered within the same day we are contacted. Remote treatments are a good adjuvant as a support to other treatments. Reiki offers the same benefits as in person: physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Remote treatment can also send to heal a traumatic event. It is also useful in healing family situations and to help human companions. Even in delicate and sad moments such as that of death. After remote treatment, results can be seen in the next 24-48 hours. Although some conditions may require regular treatments to complete the healing process.