Herb as medicine

Herb as medicine: Fresh Herbs are the best and safely substitute for medicine. Herbs not only make food delicious but also enhance your health. Before their use in culinary, many were famous for their medicinal properties. Modern science has now shown that many herbs do indeed carry incredible health benefits. Here are 5 of the world’s healthiest herbs, supported by research.

1.    Coriander

Coriander is filled with magnesium, fiber, protein, manganese, and iron which make it beneficial for health. It has six types of acids and eleven components of essential oils, including ascorbic acid or vitamin C, each having several useful properties. The Coriander act as a medicine to alleviate the following health problems:

  •  Skin Inflammation:

         Coriander is possessed antirheumatic and antiarthritic properties that helping to reduce the swelling that is caused by these two conditions. According to research, it is noted that this herb anti-inflammatory properties. It can be effective in inducing urination to release excess water from the body. This reduction in skin inflammation reduces discomfort and improves the appearance of skin.

  • Reduce Cholesterol Levels

        The presence of acids in coriander, like oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and stearic acid are very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

  • Treats Diarrhea

Due to components of essential oils found in this herb contain components, such as linalool, and borneol which aid proper functioning of the liver, digestion, and bonding of bowels.

  • Eye Care

Coriander is loaded with minerals, and antioxidants all of which can be beneficial in preventing macular degeneration, reducing strain vision disorders, and stress on the eyes.

  • Controls Diabetes

The coriander has a stimulating effect on the endocrine glands. It can help reduce their chances of dangerous spikes and drops in the blood sugar levels and it also ensures other normal metabolic purposes as well.

  • Treats Conjunctivitis

             Coriander oil is used widely in making many eye care products. Due to its antimicrobial properties, they may be act defensive against contagious diseases like conjunctivitis.

  • Other Benefits

Cilantro helps alleviate inflammation, ulcers, and spasms. This herb also acts as an expectorant and protecting the liver.


2.    Mint

Due to their impact, Mint is particularly known for the cooling sensation. You can add this herb both as fresh or dried forms. Mint is a popular ingredient in several beverages and foods, ranging from teas, salads and alcoholic drinks to sauces, and desserts. Research shows several health benefits of mint either you apply it on the skin or eat this herb as a part of your food. Mint helps in curing the following health issues:


  • Relieve Indigestion

 When food sits in the stomach for too long before passing into the rest of the digestive process, create the indigestion issue. The aroma of the mint helps to activate the salivary glands in your mouth and the glands which secrete the digestive enzymes, by this means facilitating digestion. This herb is a great palate cleanser or appetizer.

  • Relive Breastfeeding Pain

Although breastfeeding has significant benefits for both mother and infant, it may cause pain and damage in nipples. A study suggests that the use of mint oil or peppermint water may help in alleviating this pain.

  • Aid to Lose Weight

Mint is the best medical solution for those who want to lose their weight without any difficult exercises and hectic medical treatments. this amazing herb helps stimulate the digestive enzymes that consume fat and absorb nutrients from food and turn it into usable energy. If you want to lose weight than leave the soft drinks and use sugar-free mint tea.

  • Prevent Memory Loss

Research shows that the people, who chew gum in which mint is an active ingredient, had higher levels of memory retention and mental alertness than those who did not do this. You can also chew the fresh leaves of mint instead of minty flavor gums.


  • Headaches

In case of a headache, rubbing the mint oil on your nose and forehead will give you quick relief.

  • Depression & Fatigue

The natural smell of mint leaves can be sufficient to charge your energy and get your brain functioning again.at a higher level. A popular and easy way to get good results is to put a few drops of menthol oil or mint essential oil on your pillow at night and let this herb work on mind your body while you sleep.


  • Oral health

This fresh herb has a natural anti-microbial agent which can help you in fighting with oral issues.

  • Skin

Mint has the effect of cooling and calming skin affected by rashes, insect bites or other reactions.

  • Other Benefit

Mint is also helpful in the treatment of rheumatism. Mint juice is also helpful in healing burn. This herb helps in curing bad breathing and allergic problems.

3.    Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a medical plant that is used for thousands of years to treat various deceases. Aloe Vera is used by many cosmetic industries and can be found in any pharmacy or health food store. You can use Aloe Vera Herb as medicine to treat many health issues, few of them mentioned below:

  • Heals Burns

Due to its moisturizing, cooling, and soothing properties, aloe Vera is often used to cure burns. Only apply Aloe Vera, if you have sunburn or other mild burns, seek medical help before using Aloe Vera if you have a severe burn.


  • Improve Oral Health

Aloe Vera mouthwash and toothpaste are natural options for reducing plaque and improving oral hygiene.

  • Clears acne

Aloe Vera gel is natural anti-acne medicine. If you have acne on your face just wash your face and apply fresh aloe Vera gel on your face for 3-5 mint than wash again with water. Use it daily and you will see amazing results within a week.

  • Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores are very unpleasant as well as painful. They form under the lip, inside the mouth, and can last for about 7–10 days. Aloe Vera helps in curing these issues.

  • Digestive Health

Consuming Aloe Vera may useful for your digestive tract as well as help to soothe and cure stomach ailments.

  • Reduces Constipation

Aloe Vera can be used as a medicine for constipation. Fresh Aloe Vera leaves contain a gel called aloin, This helps you in treat constipation.

4.    Chamomile

For thousands of years, Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine to calm anxiety and settle stomachs. In Europe, this herb is used to heal t is used to reduce inflammation or swelling. Chamomile herb may be used internally or externally.

  •   Reducing Menstrual Pain

Studies found that using this herb in tea can reduce menstrual pain.

  • Preventing Osteoporosis

It is a metabolic decrease resulting from low osteopenia due to excessive bone resorption. The person who is suffering from this disease face bone fractured due to minor trauma. Chamomile herb is useful for such persons.

  • Treating Cold Symptoms

Common Cold is a mild viral infectious disease of the respiratory system. This herb helps cure this decease.

  • Relaxation

Chamomile oil has a calming effect on people and can be used to help to ease frayed nerves, induce sleep, and endorse a general sense of calmness. It is great to treat nervousness or anxiety problems.

5.    Valerian

The roots of Valerian are used to make many medicines. This herb is native to Europe but also grown in Asia. Valerian is used to curing sleeping disorders such as Insomnia. This herb also used to reduce psychological stress or anxiety. In manufacturing, the oil and extracts of this herb are used to add flavors in many beverages and foods. You can use this herb as a natural medicine to cure many diseases from which few are mentioned below:



  • Insomnia

The most popular use of valerian is curing sleeping disorders. A neurotransmitter named Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) sends chemical messages through the brain and nervous system. Its work is to reduce or inhibit the activity of neurons or nerve cells. Valerian root helps to increase the Gamma-aminobutyric acid level in the brain that helps to decrease the amount of time to fall asleep. It also improves the quality of sleep.

  • Anxiety

GABA in Valerian due to its regulation of nerve cells, it also helps to calm and control anxiety.  The enriched GABA levels make it easier for the body and mind to relax.

  • Heart Health

Many studies found that GABA also helps to regulate blood pressure. Smooth regulation of blood has a direct positive impact on heart health. The active components of Valerian balance the body’s cycles to stimulate restful, undisturbed sleep as well as coordinate an ideal release of hormones.

  • Pain Relief

Valerian is a natural pain reliever as it works directly on the nervous system.

  • Premenstrual Disorders (PMS) 

Valerian root extract help to reduce the behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms related to PMS. This herb also helps in alleviating pain during menstruation.


Note: Don’t use this herb during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Not recommended for those taking benzodiazepine or barbiturates medication.