Reiki Healing: How Does It Work?

How Reiki Healing Work

To walk through life path, there is an invisible life force that directs and holds control over physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. This life force is a kind of energy that likes to flow in the Universe to provide us with power reserves known as spiritual power or Reiki. we discuss in detail how Reiki Healing works. But somehow, we block this energy flow by letting our negative thoughts, traumas, and unhealed life to entangle us.

Mikao Usui was a Japanese Buddhist who demonstrated that foundation of our life is based on spiritual principles. This principle enlightens that energy flow should never be interrupted, without the flow; this energy is just like an empty block.

The subtle energy shifts are important for our emotional realignment, and this realignment comes from Reiki Healing or energy healing. It is the combination of energy sweeping and light touch.

Reiki: A Spiritual Practice:

We all have self-healing abilities, but at times, these abilities diminish because of various reasons. To endorse our self-healing properties, Reiki is used as a spiritual practice by energy healing practitioners, which serve as energy channels.

It is a Japanese word, and “rei” describes “higher power” and “ki” describes “life force energy.” When combined, it means life force energy guided by a higher power.

Just like meditation, energy healing is also spiritual guidance. Some people confuse it with religion, but it does not involve any religious practice.

Energy healing practitioners consider that everyone can reinforce their healing energy by building a connection with it. Many people have a belief that an individual’s “ki” must be balanced and free-flowing that keeps us positive emotional and physical support. An imbalance occurs when this energy is blocked.

Mikao Usui also added Reiki Ideals (for spiritual balance) to practice which came into flourish from Meiji Emperor’s five principles.

Where does the life force energy come from?

There are two beliefs according to many believers. First, the source of life force energy is universe and healer channels this energy. Second, the healer does not serve as an energy channel but uses his own energy. Both of the beliefs are true. The human mind is just like a factory, capable of creating and utilizing infinite energy. You have the ability to generate your own energy, and this energy is different for everyone.

If you’re not able to generate your own life force energy, it means that you have an imbalance between physical and spiritual life. So, Reiki technique is used for healing you wholly because of its miraculous effects. You become accomplished by the feeling of relaxation, wellness, and security and these are all the wonders of your life force energy!

Energy Healing Steps:

Energy healing focuses on receiving and sealing off the energy.

Receiving Energy: 

You have to activate your energy before practicing Reiki. There are different ways of activating the energy within yourself. For example, you can start with few deep breaths and imagine a white light of healing coming towards your heart and spreading to your arms and shoulders.

If you want to provide the healing energy to your friend, you must have to receive it first because you have to channel the energy to your friend. Start envisioning that you’re receiving the life force energy. Then, pray to the Higher power for receiving life force energy for providing it to someone.

Energy Healing for Sleep:

You can give peaceful sleep energy heeling to your loved ones. For this, ask your friend to lie down, and you will stand beside their head. Start picturing yourself that a healing white light from your head is transferring on the back of their head by kicking out any discomfort, thus cleansing their mind.

After this, suggest your loved one take a few deep breaths with each inhale and exhale for three to five seconds. Ask them to go through their memories and let them go and be thankful with each breath.

Your palms will continue channeling the energy into their entire body until they drift off. You will actually feel their body being relaxed and comfortable with peaceful sleep.

Energy Healing for Anxiety and Stress:

Sometimes, stressful people experience shortness of breath due to which they are not able to breathe accurately. You can help your loved one to get rid of stress and anxiety by giving them an energy healing session.

Place your hands on their shoulders for channeling the energy to make them stress-free. Keep envisioning as you’re sending your healing energy to their body by letting go of their intense mental energy. Keep breathing with them. In thirteen to fifteen minutes, you will observe them calming down.

Sealing Off the Energy:

Once you have given your healing energy, the last step is to seal off the energy by thanking the higher power and cleansing yourself. Pay gratitude to the higher power by wiping off hands with excess energy and placing them in prayer.

You can also seal off the energy by drawing a circle followed by crossed arms which indicates that energies have been closed off.

Crystals can also be used by the healer:

During the energy healing sessions, crystals can also be used because they are also considered to have healing powers by providing dual-energy protection. Any physical or spiritual blocks that are holding back your energy are healed by the crystals.

You can place a crystal around your body or hold it in your hand during therapy. Many people believe that crystals cleanse your soul, release spiritual attachments, and provide a calming effect to you.

Some holy crystals include:

  • Moonstone
  • Selenite
  • Aquamarine
  • Kyanite
  • topaz

Some practitioners also use some additional energy healing techniques to provide vibrational energy. These techniques include grounding, infusing, raking the aura field, extracting negative attachments, and centering.

Releasing Spiritual Attachments:

Spiritual attachments include negative energy, psychic attacks and entities. Some negative energies are the creation of ourselves (what we think, what we do), while some energies come from others, such as toxic people.

The spiritual attachments greatly influence our aura field and chakras. Reiki practitioners, at these subtle levels, help people to clear these negative attachments from the energy field, thus called spiritual release.

By transforming and releasing these negative attachments, the healers fight off these eventualities to keep people spiritually healthy.

Energy Healing as a Spiritual Path:

Life is like a crossroad; we have to decide the wrong or right path. At times, we are trapped in a situation that undermines our spiritual health and self-esteem. This is the stage when we’re unable to find any positive substitutes.

Energy healing guides us about the right spiritual path during difficult situations. You start seeing every aspect from a fresh and positive perspective. The healers build strength and positivity to face all the negativities of life. They develop personal energy to make them more focused and centered.

Every day, life provides us with many opportunities to find a way by which we can make a connection with our spiritual path. We just don’t recognize these opportunities in life race. Reiki has gentle energy of guidance in it which prevents you from negative experiences and leads you to your spiritual path.

By spiritual path, you’ll become capable of recognizing power and wisdom within you. Your true goal will be to heal your deep inner self. Energy healing provides you with all this by spreading the positive radiant energy around you.

Reiki Healing also provides many benefits:

  • It greatly relieves from anxiety and fatigue:

Energy healing greatly reduces anxiety and fatigue in people undergoing special medical care. Moreover, it also regulates the breathing flow in stressors.


  • It improves the quality of life:

Nothing is more peaceful than the spiritual wellness, and it is only possible through energy healing. Energy healing session for thirty minutes with two weeks period is incredibly helpful in dealing with disturbed sleep patterns, building self-confidence, and avoiding negative thoughts, which leads to a better quality of life.


  • It helps to build a connection with your inner self:

Your inner self is the most precious thing for you. If you lose a connection with it, you will automatically feel low and imbalanced. A spiritual connection is very important for your survival through life. Energy healing provides a spiritual connection with your higher self.


  • It collapses energy blocks and balances spiritual health:

Your life force energy keeps consistent and unlocked by regular energy healing treatments. The continual energy flow improves cognitive learning, stress levels, mental healing, and physical pain. Regular therapy flushes out all the useless energy from your body and makes the energy passages clear.


  • It hastens the self-healing ability:

Your body’s internal levels are balanced by this therapy, thus improving the circulatory system, nervous system, blood pressure, and heart rate. Moreover, it promotes your positive attitude and self-healing ability by cleansing your aura field.

The Bottom Line:

Nowadays, energy healing therapies utilized by many countries for spiritual purposes. Your spiritual path has a purpose of balancing the negative and positive sides of your life, which guided by energy healing. From physical health to spiritual heath, this therapy brings you peace of mind, reduces stress, connect you with the universe, and keep the energy flow within you consistent. You can also give your healing energy to your loved ones by receiving and sealing off the energy.