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When our chakras are congested with energy blockages, dust, debris and/or other forms of invading energies, the vibration of the chakras decline causing blockages within our bodies hence leading to our auric bodies. The blockages cause problems in our lives such as health, finances, personal energy, etc.

Usually around 3 or 4 sessions needed to see results.

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Maya Solomon

Distance healing

A good friend of mine referred me to Robert and I couldn’t be happier! So compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process. He really understood everything I was going through and the results are phenomenal! A true miracle worker. Completely exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended to anyone facing emotional issues or in need of spiritual healing!

Maya Solomon

Deb handly

Distance healing

I usually have infections for months at a time and my back condition can be crippling but this time I feel great. It’s almost like a something bad has been lifted off my chest.I used to dream that a big black bird was sitting on my chest when I was sick. Now I don’t.

Deb handly


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Robert ovington

311 Warialda Street, Moree New South Wales 2400, Australia


About Me

Hi my name is Rob,i have been healing for over 10 years now with amazing results.

During that time i use to work in a age care facility as a cleaner, being around the residence and the frail i would perform healing which brought great comfort especially with pain. Although being natural healer i decided to attune to reiki level 3 master .So here i am to heal on a greater scale to the world