Spiritual healing
The problems encountered throughout life are not only physical or psychological: the spiritual dimension also affects our daily life and our well-being. Our sixth sense, very active, is particularly receptive to it, which is why in case of troubles, spiritual healing is essential to regain balance.
Spiritual healing heals the body through the mind, and “cleanse” it. It is not a method or a therapy, it is much more than that! I would like to tell you that I very much appreciate this holistic approach. But the term approach would be far too reductive.
What is the holistic approach?
The holistic approach considers the embodied being as a global entity (body-soul-spirit) and not dissociated within an external environment which is the reflection of its internal world.
If I had to make a simple representation:
Your body would be a computer, your soul the operating system (or software), and your mind the operator.
At any time, the operator can detach himself from the computer and lose interest in it, but the operating system continues to run its program and play the processes in progress.
On the other hand, without a computer, the operating system cannot function.
Without an operating system, the computer is useless. It is dead, inanimate matter.
What does this have to do with spiritual healing?
To be at peace and in health, that is to say, healed, it is necessary to bring back the balance (which manifests itself in the state of good health), to allow your mind, through your soul to express itself more freely through you. This requires certain parameters, for example, that your energy circulates with fluidity and dynamism to its full extent.
For this, the operator can make updates and cleaning.
The mind is therefore the voluntary vector to generate change, the transformation towards improvement, optimization, and regulation so that the experience of your life can be lived in better conditions.
What is the relationship between spiritual healing and the soul?
You are a pure consciousness (spirit) through which a soul has chosen to incarnate to experience life on Earth. To do this, your consciousness, through your soul, has put on a body that allows it to work in matter throughout this earthly experience. By incarnating you forgot who you are and why you are here. This is called the veil of oblivion. It happened gradually in your mother’s womb and then in your first few years of life.
You are therefore not only this body with which you identify yourself!
Not even this “spirit”, this sometimes invading mind or, conversely, absent, and disinterested.
Beyond your physical body, you have seven other “subtle” bodies which each have a specific function.
Whether you are aware of it or not, your various subtle envelopes exist and play a very important role in maintaining your stability, your health, your ability to develop and uplift yourself.
The energetic harmonization is based on the consciousness of the body connected to the soul and the spirit.
They are closely linked and it is necessary that they work hand in hand.
The human being is a vibratory entity made of energy…
Like everything that exists in this Terrestrial world. The human being feeds on terrestrial energy and celestial energy.
Different elements can be conscious and unconscious brakes on your well-being and your ability to be happy or to realize yourself. For example:
beliefs (limiting)
repressed emotions
memories related to childhood or past lives
conditioning (censorship)
which can “crystallize” in your subtle bodies and subsequently have repercussions on your physical body.
With this in mind, what you are here and now is the result of many experiences that have left their mark on you. For example, in the form of conscious and unconscious memories and operating strategies.
Spiritual Disorders and their Causes
Problems of a spiritual nature can happen without warning and to any individual, regardless of their gender, origins, and character. They are often caused by an obstruction in the system of the flow of spiritual energy and can be the source of many ailments: chronic pain, weight gain, impotence …
But what are the causes of this obstruction, which disrupts the flow of spiritual energy and causes an imbalance? The disorders mentioned above are just symptoms of a more basic problem: the negative energy of a distressed ghost reaching us. These ghosts affect all of us, and while our sixth perceives and absorbs their negativity, we are generally unable to understand the real cause. Only spiritual healing can rid us of these harms.
The principles of Spiritual healing
After having verified with a professional that the disorders which manifest themselves do not have a physical or psychological cause, one must consider spiritual healing as the only possible alternative to well-being. Regular spiritual practice is the first step towards healing. The use of sacred ashes or symbols of deities, to appeal to higher-order spirits who will come to counteract negative influences, is a generally effective remedy.
Fate is another element to take into account: a diligent spiritual practice on the part of an individual with an already negatively charged destiny will be all the more essential to hope to feel better. If this is not enough, do not hesitate to call on a healer: only he can help you overcome spiritual obstacles, combining his efforts with regular practice on your part. All of these remedies generate a positive flow in spiritual energy, which will remove the stress caused by the negative energy of the ghost in distress. Finally, wanting to help others, and not just oneself, through the practice of spirituality will further enhance its benefits and make spiritual healing faster.
How does spiritual healing work?
Spiritual healing is all about working through the mind. Thus, what will be observed are mainly the conscious strategies, behaviors, and mode of functioning, and also the unconscious automatisms. What is playing in your system? What does it interact with? What is it related to? Where does it come from?
And after the session?
The ball is then in your court. You are then the actor of your transformation.
You are free to modify the elements that generate the disturbances in your life or to choose to stay in your uncomfortable comfort zone and to recreate or re-feed the thought-forms (resulting from beliefs and the mentalization process) from which you have been freed. This is also free will.