Spiritual lessons for a blissful life

Spiritual lessons

Let’s not carry the burden of the world when it’s very much possible to live in complete bliss

Our lives see a lot of ups and downs, success and failure, loss, and gain. But we should never lose heart because of the wavering nature of life. We should take all this in stride and move on the road of joyful and blissful living. We should constantly work to improve ourselves in terms of habits, temperaments, and acts. In fact, self-improvement of spiritual lessons is the greatest service we can render to the world.

We must cooperate with everyone around us

Cooperation is the most valuable virtue. This should be adorned by every individual as it leads to a tranquil mind. It is very much required in the new world so that entire humanity can seek spiritual solace by reducing unnecessary stress and tension. If we all start cooperating with each other there won’t be any opposition. There will be complete synchronization and harmony in everyone’s heart and mind.

We must do selfless service for gaining spiritually

When you do selfless service for others you tend to gain. What you give it to others that’s what you get in return. If we help the needy, we seek his goodwill. The mind rests in peace and by doing this we eliminate our ego. And once we become egoless we achieve immense love, happiness, and bliss from everyone around us. Selfless service is the key that opens the doorway to the spiritual path. When you render selfless service to others you develop the qualities of pure love, humility, compassion, and tolerance. Selfless service purifies your heart and fills it with divine love.

We should keep ourselves free from fear and always trust ourselves

Fear arises from doubt or an unknown future. When we doubt ourselves, we are scared of taking a wrong decision. If we doubt our abilities then we have a fear of failure. Untruth is another major factor of fear. We weave an intricate web of lies just to cover up the initial lie. It is better to say the truth loud and clear rather than be scared of the consequences. One should have complete trust in one’s ability and move on in life with confidence.

Maintain an attitude of acceptance towards all sorts of experiences which you gain in life

The principle of acceptance brings forth a very positive and active approach towards life. If we fail to accept our experience then we remain away from reality. But when we accept our experience then we align ourselves with reality. For instance, it’s impossible to change certain people around you, the only thing that you can do is to accept them the way they are. It will simplify your life. Remember acceptance is very essential for emotional health. Once you accept people, situations or feelings that you dislike, it will certainly reduce the intensity of your emotional turmoil. You can either ignore them or solve them but don’t waste your energy in confronting them. This principle primarily helps us to clear our minds and prepares us to face any sort of challenges in life.

Live life in a very simple and pleasant manner

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to be compassionate, generous, and loving so don’t adhere to strict principles rather than that life according to your intelligence. Just do what pleases you. This attitude will match your inner frequency with that of the universe. And then life will be a lot happier if it is in sync with the rhythm of nature. Don’t tame yourself according to unnecessary principles. Your spiritual quotient will definitely ascend.

Always remain happy. Don’t find a reason for becoming happy

Find joy in everything around you. When you look around, enjoy the charms of nature. You walk, experience the vitality flowing through the entire body. When you eat, relish the sweet, bitter or sour taste. Your happiness shouldn’t be imprisoned because of certain reasons. Train your mind to seek happiness in the simple joys of life. Don’t fret and fume on the past happenings and don’t worry about the uncertain future. Simply focus on the present moments, accept them the way they are, don’t try to become judgmental.

Remain detached with the outcome of your actions 

When you work without bothering yourself with the result of your actions then you remain to worry less. The law of detachment shouldn’t interfere with your goal settings. For instance, while achieving the target you want to deviate from the set path and move on to achieve a higher ideal. This can only be possible when you remain detached from the outcome, you will seek those goals which you won’t have desired at all. Then only you would be able to enjoy the mystery and magic of life.

Think differently to shoo away negative thoughts

When our mind takes charge then it tosses us between positive and negative thoughts. We are constantly affected by our thoughts. They have the power to make us happy or sad within few minutes. Most of us spend our entire life in battling these thoughts. When wrong thoughts disturb our minds, it’s important to ponder upon them and erase them as they will put us in pain and misery. It’s important to empty our mind and heart from the negativity and fill it with love, affection, and harmony then only we can live life blissfully.

Don’t be very image-conscious 

All of us have a self-image that we have nurtured over a period of time. This self-image which we portray in front of others might be very different from reality. At times the image which we project in front of the world is in sharp contrast with the image that we have when we are alone. It is better to integrate both of them otherwise it will give rise to a dilemma in our very own mind. If we do this we will save a lot of energy and live a life of joy, peace, and happiness.